♥︎ Turnaround time is 3-7 business days and depends on if your item(s) is/are custom or ready to ship ♥︎

Custom Hand Stamped Earrings


When you want that perfect item, customize it! 
Please note, your words must be a max of 4-6 letters per earring. Sometimes a little more can fit, but it depends on the letter combo. Smaller words (under 3 are great too!!)

  • SQUARES - 4 to 5 letter words work best
  • HEXAGONS - 4 to 6 letter words work best
  • TRIANGLES - 3 to 4 letter words work best
  • HEARTS - 3-5  letter words work best OR 1 large uppercase initial
  • CIRCLES - 3 to 5 letter  letter words work best OR 1 large uppercase initial
  • STARS - 3 to 4 letter words work best
  • TINY CIRCLES - 2  letter words work best OR 1 large lowercase initial

Ex: I's take up little space, M's & W's take up more. Hexagons can hold the most letters, hearts, and triangles the least. Please check with us before ordering special characters as we mostly stamp words. Send us an email if you have any concerns <3

☞ 100% hand made from start to finish. 

☞To preserve the vibrancy of your handmade good, take it off before swimming or bathing
Please note, custom jewelry is final sale

☞Earrings will be delivered to you in a small, black jewelry box inside of a mailing envelope.

☞This item is made and ready to be shipped to you within 5-14 days of purchase.


☞Please be aware that colors can vary from monitor to monitor. We do our best to

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