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Hand-crafted jewelry with a touch of sass, a pinch of the profane, yet always classy.

Grey Theory Mill carved out their place in the world with their tiny stamped statement earrings that continue to spark laughter & eye rolls from coast to coast. Stamped-sassy-sayings aside, they also aim to curate cohesive jewelry collections that merge simple, edgy, hypoallergenic, & timeless design with high quality + ethically sourced materials at accessible price points.

Grey Theory Mill is a brand with the everyday human in mind. 

FUN FACT: Every pair of Grey Theory Mill earrings are made with Surgical Grade A Titanium earring posts/hooks. Titanium is 100% nickel-free and truly hypoallergenic

Grey Theory Mill is made in San Diego, California.

Oh, you want to hear about me? 
My name is Jonnie and I promise it's pronounced "john-ny".
I am a big fan of hot beverages--even when it is hot outside. You can most likely find me singing/dancing in the aisles whilst I shop, playing & loving on my family + friends, or aloof...pondering my life's favorite repetitive, un-answerable questions in the proverbial corner in the rare moment to myself! I consider myself an entrepreneur with a passion for creating experiences for people like yourself through wearable & attainable art.
It brings me so much joy to make, but it is the greatest privilege when a product I've made becomes apart of someone else's everyday, so thank you.

My favorite pastimes include reading, tea-drinking, learning, listening, dancing, being, creating, sharing, cooking, daydreaming+dreaming, pretending, writing, photo-taking, walking, exploring, shopping for supplies, staying home, stormy weather, traveling, new experiences, karaoke, and many other present progressives. 

Jonnie's All-time favorites to make + to wear: