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no matter what, Brass Cuff


"no matter what" hand stamped in a dainty lowercase, but packing major punch. 

STORY TIME: I first stamped this cuff over 4 years ago for a friend who was fostering to *hopefully* adopt. She and her husband went through the ringer to be the best parents regardless of the outcome. Thankfully, their 'no matter what' had a happy ending+beginning <3 
I stamped a couple more and gave them to a local shop to sell, but the cuff kind of fell off my radar until December 2018. Ironically, I was popping up at the same shop--different owner/name now--I had given those cuffs to sell years ago and a gal there asks me if I ever had stamped a cuff that read, "no matter what". I smiled and told her the story of why I stamped it and then she shared hers. She bought that cuff for a dear friend of hers who was battling cancer. Her friend wore it near her entire battle and showed me pictures of her friend's beautiful wrist attached to IV's, chemo treatments, etc. Super choked up I was afraid to ask if her friend won her battle, but she finished her story by telling me, she lost the fight. That cuff has come full circle back to her and she wears it now in honor and remembrance. 

Some words are so meaningful. Three words strung together to punctuate a variety of realities. <3

☞ 100% handmade from start to finish. 

☞The brass cuff is completely adjustable and comes with a larger sized polishing cloth sample so you can keep your bracelet looking shiny and fresh!

☞This style is available in Brass

☞Hand-stamping is a three step process:
1. Each letter is hammered into the brass individually. In some cases, each earring piece has received 3-4 letter hammering's.
2. The phrase or word is then hand-dyed with black ink.
3. The pieces are then polished free of the ink that has bled from the phrase.
All hand stamped work will look similar to this, but due to the nature of stamping, will be unique to your pair.

☞Raw brass will naturally patina in color over time. If you prefer a bright gold-brass color you can rub them with a jewelry polishing cloth or brighten with lemon juice. A sample of jewelry polishing cloth is included with all brass earring purchases.

☞Jewelry will be delivered to you in a small, black jewelry box inside of mailing envelope.

☞This item is made and ready to be shipped to you within 3-5 days of purchase.

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